About Us

Semora’s humble beginnings go way back to 2013 when, Lexa, our founder, started her own family business in jewelry making. Initially, it was Lexa and her two sisters (Niaomi and Kara) but eventually they had to go on their own journeys. Based in the heart of Luxembourg, Semora was a small but an innovative jewelry maker for European market.

Lexa's passion for zodiac jewelry ignited when she met her business partner, Maya – who was practicing yoga, Zen meditation, reiki healing/universal energy healing, astrology and horoscopes. With Maya onboard, Lexa took Semora to a new dimension – a brand for the wellbeing of humans by channeling universal energy blessings.

With the modern production techniques to preserve quality Semora then expanded worldwide operations from 2017 onwards. Our Zodiac pendant collection is one of the most popular products!

Despite COVID-19 outbreak across the globe Lexa and Maya have been busy helping thousands of buyers align with universal energy. We get many messages everyday describing how powerful the projections of Semora Zodiac jewelry range & how they helped find bliss amidst chaos all around the world.

In 2020-2021 our vision is to expand by introducing new universal energy patterns & designs, and to publish Lexa’s journey in a book.

“We wake up every day knowing that we are blessed to do our part to make world a peaceful place. Your support drives our efforts. Thank you” – Lexa and Maya

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